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Technical points

Initially, you need to sort the material according to its diameter. It is then processed. Each log is given a certain profile, cups are cut. The next step is to cover the obtained products with a special antiseptic. It should be based on water.

This antiseptic prevents clogging of wood capillaries. This substance allows the log to dry quickly (in the erected structure) and not become covered with fungus. Drying the house lasts 4-6 months. Then the cylindered logs on the outside of the house are covered with an antiseptic, which will protect them from rotting, fungus and pests.

The scheme of the rounded log with fastening bowls.

The manufacture of such material is divided into several stages:

  1. Preparation – the diameter of the substrate in this matter is the main indicator that is taken into account when selecting wood. At the same time, experts still take into account the thickness and other sizes of raw materials of this type. Knots and other defects that are found on the surface of the tree are removed. The important point is the exact fixation of the rounded log on the machine.

  2. Rounding – the material rises and stops in the processing area. After fixing with a carriage and a milling unit, an even surface is created. In some cases, longitudinal grooves are cut. They give the clutch greater reliability.

  3. Cutting – the diameter of the log and its length are taken into account when working on a trimmer. The manufacture of a rounded log ends with a laser marking and cups selection.

Finished products have some advantages: