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Sales of dry and worked lumber

Foresthome s.r.o. offers the sale of processed dry wood (12% moisture), ie cladding boards, blockhaus, prisms, planks, battens, boards,… of any size. The wood is cut from pine or spruce in the Karelia region of Russia.

The timing of timber delivery is one month after depositing.

Price of dry and worked lumber from 7 500,-CZK without VAT per m3.

Transportation is included in the price of wood. We will deliver wood for free throughout the Czech Republic. Wood quality is AB. All wood quality certificates will be documented together with the order. The timber duty will be properly cleared by Foresthome s.r.o.

With long-term cooperation possible discounts.

Current Offer!!!!

  • Facing flooring A / B 12,5x96x3000mm - 145, -CZK incl VAT 21%
VAT 21%

Classes of quality marking boards according to ČSN 492110

Quality Class A

Unauthorized properties of Class A floorboards
  • bitches holes and rotten knots
  • fungal and fungal attack
  • insect damage
  • tracing marks

Quality Class B

Unauthorized properties of Class B floorboards
  • flaking cracks
  • fungal and fungal attack
  • insect damage

Quality Class AB

It is defined as a class of boards which contains at least 40% of Class A components and 60% of Class B components

Quality Class C

Class C decking contains components that do not meet Class B requirements.