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In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as GDPR), we hereby inform you that our company (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Data Administrator") processes your personal data without consent for the purpose of fulfilling the statutory obligation, performance of the contract and the title of legitimate interest of the personal administrator data management and management according to the above regulation.

Categories of personal data:
Name, surname, date of birth, place of permanent residence, for natural persons doing business further ID, Tax ID and address of registered office, or other personal data such as Account number, telephone, email, if necessary for performance of the contract.

Data subject's rights:
  • Right to access personal data
  • Right to rectify and supplement personal data
  • Right to delete
  • Right to Restrict Processing
  • Right to portability of selected personal data

Period of personal data storage:
Personal data are stored in accordance with the „Directive on Circulation and Archiving of Documents“ according to the type of document and the contractual relationship

You can request an extract from the register of your processed personal data at