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Project 9

Size: 132 m²

Price for ø24: 792 300,- Kč without VAT for Stage 1: Skeleton

Price for ø26: 887 376,- Kč without VAT for Stage 1: Skeleton

( VAT 15% )

The skeleton structure contains
Lumber Set: Roof Truss Plate 200 × 50 mm, batten base 22 × 100 mm, 50 × 20 mm roof batten, underfloor beams 150×100 mm.

Project 9

Wood is a living material and its value is very high. This material has several advantages like low thermal conductivity ,ecological compatibility and unique structure. Only in house made of wood , you can feel optimal microclimate and pleasant smell of needles.

Project 9

Biologically active substances of plant origin are helping to improve health, relieve stress and nervous tension. You can forget about headaches and sleeping problems ,breathing problems and even your immune system gets better. You will get rid of these and others many problems by living in house what's made of best quality wood ,and that is just a log cabin from us.

You will not only appreciate the exclusive exterior but also the luxurious interior that Nature has created. Nowadays, it's the most popular kind of country house ,because they are not made of synthetic and toxic materials.

Project 9

Project 9

Project 9 is a storeyed log cabin, the entrance is through the porch directly into the living room, on the ground floor there is a kitchen with a dining room and a room. Of course there is also a bathroom and staircase to the floor, which is the same layout as the ground floor, only the veranda is a balcony.

The interior layout can be customized to suit your needs.

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